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You don’t just become a billionaire overnight. Remember, you have to get to $1 million first. Then to $10 million. Then $50 million, $100 million and $500 million, finally getting to $1,000,000,000. But that doesn’t happen in a straight line.

A lot of us want to increase our finances. We want to be financially free from the oppression of the dreaded ‘day job’ but we just don’t know how the hell we’re supposed to get there. Take our advice, stand on the shoulders of giants. Get the know how from those that have done it before and succeeded. If they can, so can you. So here’s a couple of quotes from some of the most financially secure people in the world.To be  a billionaire, think like a billionaire .


Constant flow of income turn you to a billionaire.There  is a difference  between Making and Earning money, if you really want to be free from financial hardship ! making money is the best answer. Act now and get started with your own business. Felix Dipe.



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How to Start a Business with No Money

You can start a business with almost no money. You just need to dedicate a lot of your personal time to it to get started. Pick an industry that looks like it is becoming more and more popular and there are other people out there pumping a lot of money in to marketing it. Then find out where you can buy the product wholesale. Once you know what you are going to sell, figure out how much it’ll cost you to get your hands on that product and then set a resale price for it.


Felix Dipe

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When you stop reading, you stop leading. The secret of the great billionaires are in  books!


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