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BODY LOTION [NGN 7,000/$100]

Body  lotion is a carefully designed formula intended to  give fragrance,nourishment and  freshness  to the  skin.The formulation of any  given lotion depends on the manufacture.Some contain active ingredients which function  to  tone or  lighten the  skin. Others are  formulation  to cure  pimples,eczema,ringworm, and other skin diseases.On the  whole the basic object of any lotion  formulation  is to give  freshness and  protect the skin against  all  sort  of infection.

Body lotion usually exists in  slightly thick,viscous state. It appears in various  colours depending on the  chemicals employed in the formulation.



  1. Boiler Mixer: The boiler provides  the medium in which the  solid chemicals undergo transformation that will make it possible for  reactions to occur.Some of the chemicals in solid state melt  into liquid and mix  with others in  chemical reaction.


The  boiler also serves as a  reaction vessel. Various chemicals  are mixer in the  boiler where  they  undergo chemical  transformation to  yield  the  product.This  apparatus  is  usually metallic.Two boilers are  needed for  lotion production.


  1. Heating System: The heat energy is an  indispensable required in the  lotion production.It provides the  energy needed for changing the solid chemicals into liquid state .It is in this state that the chemicals can take part in  chemicals reaction to yield the product.The heat source can be electricity,fuel, firewood,gas, etc.Here, two heating system are needed to heat the  contents of each boiler.
  2. Thermometer:Though heat energy is  needed in  the lotion production, its application has to be regulated to an acceptable value  or range  of  values so  as  produce  a good  product .This  is  done by  the use of  thermometer.Here our materials are  heated to about 720C.This will  enhance chemical union at this  temperature,all the solid chemicals are  in  the  liquid  state and  can participated easily in   chemical reaction to  yield product.


Where the purpose of  production  is just to  meet domestic requirement and we  are unable to lay our  hands on  a thermometer,we can rely on  our initiative to heat the mix to such extent as  would anable us  change our  chemicals form solid  to  liquid  state.But where  the  object of  production  is commercial,the use of the thermometer as temperature regulator is highly recommended.

  1. Weighing instrument: We can decide to weigh our chemicals in grammes or in kilogrammes,


We need very sensitive weighing instrument for  this purpose.The various amounts of each chemical as  specified in the formulation are  accurately weighed out  for  effective and  dependable results.


An alternative approach is  the  use of measuring can to get the  specified amount of  chemicals. This measure  is only approximate as all the  chemicals are not equally as dense.

  1. Container: This includes the  measuring  instrument mentioned above.Others are containers for  marketing,storing and  packaging the product.

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