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1. Laundry and bar soap

2. Toilet Soap

3. Medicate Soap

4. Antiseptic Soap

5. Detergent

6. Liquid Detergent

7.  Tiles Cleaner





1.Emulsion  paints

2.Textureed paints

3.Felxtured paints

4.Marble Trowel

5.Satin & Silk paints

6.Gloss paints

7.POP paints

8.Vinyl matt Emulsion

9.Fire Retardant paint

10.Anti Rust & primer coatings

11.Stucco paints

12.Pigment paste

13.Wall Filler

14.Screeding paints

15.Fluoresent paints







 1.Marine paints

2.Two pack Epoxy


4.Anti-Skid Deck Enamel

5.Stoving Enamel

6.Floor paint

7.Road Making paint

8.Silicon High Temperature paint

9.Fire Retartant paint

10.Chemical Resistant paint

11.Auto paints

12.Wood/Cellulose paints


14.Under coat(primer)


15.Cellulose Base paint
















1.Body lotion

2.Body cream

3. Hair Cream

4. Hair Conditioner

5. Styling Gels

6. Relaxes

7. Shampoo

8. Glycerin and rose water






1. Face Powder

2. Anti Perspirant Deodorant

3. After Shave

4. Tooth Paste

5. Disinfectant

6. Jellies




1. Bleach

2. Rust Remover

3. Insecticide

4. Candle

5. Chalk Production

6. Toilet RollS

7.    Purification of Water




1. Rob

2. Glue

3. Sulphur ointment

4. Dusting Powder

5. Gum

6. Textile Design

7. Textile Ink

 8.Methylated  Spirit




1.Leather gum

2.Shoe sole gum

3.Rubber solution

4.Tile adhesive

5.PVC gum

6.Poly body filler


6.Gasket gum






1. Nitrocellulose Thinner

2. Slow Thinner

3. Printing Ink Thinner

      (Fast drying



     Wood finishes      


2.Sanding Sealer



5.Wood Preservativies

6.Wood polish

7.Cellulose wood paint

8.Shoe polish




1.Engine oil production

2.Break cluth fluid











The world today is witnessing a tremendous technological growth.

Technology itself  is the brainchild of man's intellectual endowment by the God almighty. He has imbued man with drive and spirit to explore to the fullest, all the wealth of creation.All that man needs therefore, is to discover the physical and mental capabilities and apply them on creation for his benefits.

This is the foundation of manufacturing tecnnology.The creatures living and non-living-are subjected to careful analysis in search of material (raw material) that is of technological relevance.These are refined,combined or transformed to a state in which it becomes maximally useful to man.It is only apposite therefore,to note that all technological inventions ranging from simple to complex ones,owe their existence to raw materials which abound in creation .

Expectedly,one of the shortcomings of most technological goods is depreciation or  transformation in the course of  consumption .These culminate in wastes.But technology has advanced further by designing means of containing these  wastes.This is done through recycling the purported waste materials.Thus technology is just but a cyclic phenomenon-the raw materials are processed into finished goods,the are rendered waste products through consumption;and through process;the waste products are converted into raw materials.It has become clear therefore,that the main focus of technology is search for  raw materials;this embraces both human and natural resources.Onefound,they are processed into the desired products.

Thus technology lays emphasis on the practice and application of applied science that has practical or industrial uses so as meet man's demands.The tendency of technology seeking practical and industrial expressions is the foundation upon which industrialization is predicted.Industrializationtherefore ,means the management of resources-human and material-as recommended by technologist.

Now consider the following expression (i)A+B=AB(ii)A+B+C=ABC.The first being that two  substances.A and B are combined third ,AB which is the desired substance,isobtained.The third substance has the property of incorporating all the good qualities of both A and B into a single substance.AB gives maximum satisfaction to the consumer .The second means transformation, through interaction  between A

 and B,to yield desired C; different in every respect from  both A and B.They summarize the technological process involved in manufacturing.In industries the raw material is fed into the machinery,observing the processing condtions eventually the products are turned out.

A look at the world today would reveal most painfully that Africa has not arrived technologically.Invie of this disturbing revelation;one would like to ask the following questions.

i) Are we possessive of sentiments that are  negative disposed towards technological growth?

ii) Is God  prejudiced against us in the share of human and material resources?

iii) Or is it a problem that find expression in our not being able to positively motivate our selvesphysically,mentally and spiritually?

An attempt to answer these question objectively will show that God, in His infinite mercy,is more than fair to us. The human and material resources that abound in Africa,are the envy of even the industrialized countries rather ,the problem is with us.Come to think  of it, what progresss can be expected from a  people  who  regard technology as taboo; some people who  close thier eyes against  their human and natural endowments? Virtually none; or little of  any .This explains the poor and lamentable status of most Africa countries today.


But the trend must be reversed.We have remained in slumber for so long.We have all it takes -human and material resources for technological transformation.Happily the lord  is moving,through P.A.L.I.P . to transform and project this  people  to technological glory Amen.We have  to start  from  somewhere.This body is full  aware  of our potentials in human and material resources can effectively be utilized only when we  are technologically equiped and industrialized.Determination and commitment is the key word.

How does  P.A.L.P wish to achieve this monumental goal ? This question seems baffling in view  of the human and material demands  of this drive .But by His grace,we shall share smiles of goal attainment.


For the purpose of this program,we have divided the manufacturing steps as dicussed in this part in to four:

1.Raw material/chemical

2.Formulation principles




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