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1. Laundry and bar soap

2. Toilet Soap

3. Medicate Soap

4. Antiseptic Soap

5. Detergent

6. Liquid Detergent

7. Tiles Cleaner

SOAPS  [NGN 4,500/$50]                                                                             

Soaps and detergents belong to the same group of chemical products called surface active agents or surfactants.These groups of products are among other properties,well -known for their detergency which is due to a reduction in water surface tension which remove  the dirt by wetting,emulsification,lathering and removal.

Soaps generally are produced through a reaction know as saponification.This reaction occurs when fats  and oil  are hydrolised in alkaline (basic) solution.In other  words it is alkaline hydrolysis of fats and oil.The result of this is the formation of glycerol and salts of the fatty acids.The  sodium or potassium salts formed is the soap.

The cleansing activity of soap could be  explained in terms of its molecule structure.Actually water can wash  off some thingwith out application of  soap.For instance  if  a  sticky sugar syrup is poured on somebody's hand , water is used  to wash  it off ,the sugar dissolves in the water  and is rinsed off.If  there is a case where  oil is poured,water used  to  wash it will just run off the surface of the oil.Other dirt though not oil could form greasy film together  over the skin or clothes (as case may be) there by making it difficult for the water to wash  off . When soap solution  is applied to a grease -coated piece of fabric ,the soap molecules  first approach the  grease spot  at the  inter-phase  of  the grease  and water.The hydrophobic(water hating)tail of the soap particles dissolves in the grease while  the hydrophilic (water loving) head dissolves in the water .The water molecules  attract the polar  ionic heads of the soap  molecules .This action helps to lift the grease spot upwards, enabling more soap particles to dissolve in the grease .


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